Suffix examples: 50!

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here are 50 examples of suffixes:

1. -able (e.g. lovable, capable)
2. -al (e.g. local, medical)
3. -ance/-ence (e.g. importance, obedience)
4. -ate (e.g. educate, collaborate)
5. -cy (e.g. democracy, privacy)
6. -dom (e.g. kingdom, freedom)
7. -en (e.g. sharpen, weaken)
8. -er/-or (e.g. teacher, actor)
9. -es (e.g. houses, boxes)
10. -ful (e.g. hopeful, careful)
11. -hood (e.g. childhood, brotherhood)
12. -ic (e.g. scientific, historic)
13. -ify (e.g. simplify, beautify)
14. -ing (e.g. running, singing)
15. -ion/-tion/-ation (e.g. ambition, attention, elevation)
16. -ism (e.g. capitalism, communism)
17. -ist (e.g. biologist, journalist)
18. -ity (e.g. reality, responsibility)
19. -ive (e.g. creative, informative)
20. -ize (e.g. minimize, maximize)
21. -less (e.g. hopeless, fearless)
22. -logy (e.g. biology, psychology)
23. -ly (e.g. quickly, slowly)
24. -ment (e.g. development, improvement)
25. -ness (e.g. kindness, darkness)
26. -ous (e.g. dangerous, famous)
27. -s/-es (e.g. books, watches)
28. -ship (e.g. friendship, partnership)
29. -some (e.g. handsome, tiresome)
30. -th (e.g. warmth, length)
31. -tion (e.g. attention, direction)
32. -tude (e.g. gratitude, attitude)
33. -ty (e.g. charity, liberty)
34. -ular (e.g. popular, particular)
35. -ward (e.g. forward, toward)
36. -wise (e.g. clockwise, likewise)
37. -y (e.g. happy, windy)
38. -able/-ible (e.g. comfortable, visible)
39. -ade (e.g. blockade, promenade)
40. -age (e.g. package, luggage)
41. -al/-ial (e.g. personal, marital)
42. -an/-ian (e.g. American, musician)
43. -ar (e.g. popular, solar)
44. -archy (e.g. monarchy, oligarchy)
45. -ate/-ite (e.g. carbonate, graphite)
46. -ation (e.g. calculation, sensation)
47. -dom (e.g. freedom, wisdom)
48. -ence/-ance (e.g. difference, guidance)
49. -er (e.g. writer, painter)
50. -ese (e.g. Japanese, Chinese)

here are some more suffixes:

51. -ette (e.g. kitchenette, cigarette)
52. -ful (e.g. beautiful, helpful)
53. -ic/-ical (e.g. electric, logical)
54. -ify (e.g. rectify, intensify)
55. -ine (e.g. heroine, medicine)
56. -ish (e.g. childish, selfish)
57. -ism (e.g. racism, sexism)
58. -ive (e.g. persuasive, responsive)
59. -ize (e.g. emphasize, summarize)
60. -less (e.g. tireless, thoughtless)
61. -like (e.g. lifelike, childlike)
62. -ling (e.g. darling, duckling)
63. -ly (e.g. daily, monthly)
64. -ment (e.g. statement, fulfillment)
65. -ness (e.g. happiness, greatness)
66. -ous/-eous (e.g. courageous, outrageous)
67. -ship (e.g. friendship, relationship)
68. -some (e.g. lonesome, cumbersome)
69. -th (e.g. depth, width)
70. -ward (e.g. upward, forward)
71. -wise (e.g. clockwise, otherwise)
72. -y (e.g. funny, messy)
73. -oid (e.g. asteroid, humanoid)
74. -osis (e.g. diagnosis, symbiosis)
75. -ous (e.g. dangerous, poisonous)
76. -phobia (e.g. arachnophobia, claustrophobia)
77. -scope (e.g. microscope, telescope)
78. -sion (e.g. decision, collision)
79. -some (e.g. awesome, wholesome)
80. -tomy (e.g. anatomy, lobotomy)

Note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many more suffixes in the English language.

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